Cooperation agreement between ULD Care and Airport College International

Cooperation agreement between ULD Care and Airport College International

Airport College International and ULD Care announce official cooperation to develop new online training courses.

“We believe that this new cooperation provides us a unique possibility to work closely with ULD Care to further develop our online Unit Load Device (ULD) Handling training courses,” says Airport College International CEO Pertti Mero.

“ULD CARE is delighted to enter into this agreement with Airport College International,” says Vice President Bob Rogers. “Training is the critical piece of the puzzle in the ULD handling chain that ensures workers, manager and executives have the best information available to improve safety, reduce injuries and provide a smoother flow of ULD throughout the air cargo system.”

The Mission of ULD CARE is to use the collective resources, skills and grass roots experience of the ULD CARE membership to provide direction and deliver appropriate change in ULD operations throughout the global air cargo operating environment, adds Rogers.


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