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50 Years of ULD’s in the Air

The first commercial 747 passenger flight departed from New York to London on January 22, 1970, operated by Pan Am and carried ULDs for the very first time on a commercial passenger flight.

Since those days ULDs have been essential to the air transportation business and now is a good time to highlight the importance of ULDs.

Today 1 million aircraft ULDs are in service. They are an expensive asset and require correct handling. Every year, the total cost of both repair and loss of ULDs is estimated to be about $300 million, excluding flight delays and cancelations due to their unavailability.

ULD’s are official aircraft parts and directly contribute to flight safety:

  1. ULDs are aircraft parts and are subject to safety and airworthiness requirements

  2. Correct ULD handling contributes to flight safety

  3. Every stakeholder must ensure that ULD training requirements are met

…and, proper ULD handling also reduces costs and improves efficiency.

We offer tools for operational people

  1. – free tools to promote awareness of safe ULD operations

  2. ULD Operations eLearning course – a reasonably priced online training course for all personnel involved in ULD operations


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